The Strangest Places On Earth

It can definitely be said that the Seven Wonders of the wonder might very well have been chosen too quickly. The Grand Canyon for example is without a doubt one of the biggest and most impressive spots. But sometimes size is not everything.

Our planet has much stranger places that are virtually otherworldly, places so out of the ordinary that’s it’s hard to believe they exist on earth.  These strange sites will have everyone questioning the laws of nature. Even scientists struggle to conceptualize these places.


Found deep inside the Amazon rainforest is a river than runs 4 miles long and is like no other river to be found. The Shanay-Timpishka water is boiling hot. So hot that it can boil every species of animal alive upon entering, reaching up to 91 degrees Celsius.  The reason for this deathly level of heat is still yet to be discovered.


The Movile Cave is located in Romania and has not been lit with even one single ray of light for the past five and a half million years. It has a completely different atmosphere than planet earth.  A sulfur water lake is found inside a cave, with poisonous, hydrogen-sulfide air and an entire 100 times more carbon-dioxide then there is on the surface.  Scientists have however found that 33 unique species live in this cave.


This incredibly strange well sits in Knaresborough, England. The water flows down a cliff that looks just like a skull. Everything that touches the water turns to stone, and takes approximately 3-5 months to be fully fossilized. This occurs because of a shockingly large and rare amount of minerals in the water.


This radioactive lake is less surprisingly inside a what once was a Soviet Union nuclear weapon factory.  The lake is packed with waste and materials that is more radioactive than any other place.  The amount of radioactivity found at Lake Karachay could kill anyone who spends a mere hour there.  The factory exploded in 1957 and in turn all the radioactive particles contaminated the lake.  The area was covered with concrete to avoid a natural disaster, but it’s still one of the most dangerous places to be.


The Gruner See park in Austria has breathtaking hiking trails that can be explored throughout the autumn months. However if you decide to explore this park in the spring, be sure to bring your diving gear. Located nearby to the Hochschwab Mountains and therefore gets covered by snow in the winter. This means you can dive into the lake and see everything you would see in a park, benches, flowers and bridges.

Der Grüne See – During the Seasons from Global Dive Media on Vimeo.

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