The Stereo System Made From Recycled Cans

Yuri Suzuki, a highly talented Japanese designer with a unique vision decided to team up with Matthew Kneebone in order to create something completely unheard of. So what did these two come up with? Well, none other than one seriously impressive sound system made of beer cans – if you can even believe that. It was an effort made for Red Stripe’s ‘’Make Something Out of Nothing’’ project, and just based on the name of this project, we can already say that their beer can sound system was perfectly on point.  

The two masterminds behind this effort, Yuri Suzui and Matthew Kneebone were hired by Red Stripe, which for those of you who don’t already know, is the most popular and beloved beer of Jamaica. They were asked to use their skills and talents to create something that accurately represents the incredible do it yourself vibe and culture of Jamaica – which is how they, together, came up with the idea of creating an actual, functional sound system out of beer cans, somehow. 

Jamaican reggae groups often don’t have the resources to use advanced, costly materials to create their sound systems, which is why they have to think outside of the box and improvise wherever they can. To make a long story short, these creative partners decided to make their own sound system from recycled Red Stripe beer cans – the most DIY kind of thing you could possibly think of.  Most of the recycled beer cans were collected from the Notting Hill Carnival, and their final piece of work measures an impressive 2.5 x 2.5 metres.  Gappy Ranks, a well-known songwriter and singer tested out the beer can sound system himself – and was nothing short of seriously impressed by both the structure itself as well as the quality of the sound capable of coming out. 

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