The Sriracha Obsessed Track

For all lovers of the epic hot sauce, Sriracha, we’ve got a new funky track made just for you.

As a tribute to Sriracha sauce, a new track has been created on Soundcloud and it’s a complete success. It’s written by Bo Haan, the Los Angeles electro-pop artist.

The song, entitled Racha allows passionate hot sauce eaters to express their feelings towards the sauce in a form of dancing by using exerts from ‘Sexy Dancer’, the Prince track.

Bo Haan got inspired to write this one-of-a-kind song while he was shopping around at the grocery store and saw a beautiful bottle of Sriracha hot sauce. He explains how he was looking at it and couldn’t stop thinking about how incredible it is, how bold, flavorful, spicy and attractive it is.  He explains that it even made him feel tingly and sweat. True love right here.

On his way home from the store he immediately recorded the song on his cell phone, and then a few days later he both produced and recorded his new hit song, Racha.

Haan sings  “I call you ‘Racha’, ‘cos you’re so hot/You got that spice, and it feels so nice. “Don’t gimme that sweet lovey dovey shit, just make me sweat,”

Racha proves that love is the inspiration we need to create passionate art.