The Smartest People in the World

Some of us think we’re pretty smart. Some of us think we’re really smart. Some of us even have the audacity to believe that we’re really, really, really smart. Yet, it’s plain to see that we’re not as smart as some of the most intelligent people to ever exist. Ancient mathematicians, natural philosophers, supernatural philosophers, great writers, physics pioneers, critics, statesmen, revolutionaries – there have been a lot of people who’ve done some absolutely incredible things; but who’s the smartest of them all? We are, naturally, completely unqualified to answer that question, but we can recite our favorite smartie-pants of all time. These are history’s biggest nerds.

Albert Einstein

Gettyimages / AFP

One of the most important figures in modern physics, the great scientist who brought our attention to the stars, the father of relativity, Einstein was both a theoretical physicist and a philosopher of science best known for his mass-energy equivalence formula (a little known formula otherwise known as E=mc2 ). Yet for a large part of his adult life, Einstein tried to fight against particular developments in modern physics, such as quantum physics.

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