The Smart Toilet

When it comes to technology, the toilet was one of the few things that was still left untouched. But now, with the introduction of Japanese smart toilets,  this is far from true.

The Toto Neorest NX2 seems to have proven itself to be the smartest of them all – capable of doing anything you could possibly imagine, and more.  Tired of having to lift up the seat yourself? No worries, it’s got you covered with it’s automatic lifter.

If your heart desires, it can also even be programmed to heat up the seat to your comfort in order to ensure that you will never be cold while paying a visit to the toilet again.  And toilet paper? Forget about it. The Neorest toilet would love to do the job for you with it’s purified water that gently sprays out, and it’s built in dryer that will finish off the job.

Worried about leaving with an unpleasant smell? The smart toilet has even got this taken care of, with it’s very own deodorizer. It’s special flusher even ensures that anything that enters the bowl is thoroughly cleaned with electrolized water, reaching spots that aren’t generally covered in a standard toilet.

While all of this sounds like a dream come true – there’s only one small downside: it’s hefty cost of eleven thousand dollars. Any takers?

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