The Smart Pill

Smart pills are no new phenomenon.  They are known to intelligently dispense drugs, as well as control one’s DNA, and regulate their bowel movement.

One very common problem however with these pills is that they tend to too quickly pass through the digestive system, which unfortunately limits the time of their effectiveness.

Researchers from MIT however, may very well have come up with the solution for this problem. They’ve created a smart pill that grows up to 100 times it’s size within a mere 15 minutes of entering the stomach.  There it is trapped inside the stomach for long periods of time, and they’ve got endless ideas of how this pill could improve human health.

The team of researchers used two hydrogel materials in order to create their pill, with one of the materials containing highly absorbent particles known as sodium polyacrylate, and the other from tiny crystalline chains. The second materials covers the first, and prevents it from breaking apart in the stomach during the expansion procedure.

At the moment, the smart pill can only record temperature, however researchers believe that there are many other potential uses for it, such as even assisting in weight loss, or hunting for signs of viruses or bacteria. It may even be able to take pictures for ulcers of tumors.

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