The Smart Glasses

Not surprised in the slightest, Amazon just announced their latest and greatest invention. Of course, continuing to top off each and every idea they have ever had, say hello to Alexa Smart Glasses. These glasses are exactly what they sound like. Known as the Echo Frame, the glasses have Alexa built into them. Crazy stuff, right?

Well, if one would like to test out what these glasses are like, they are on sale and ready to be tried out. According to Business Insider, “the Echo Frames work just like any other Alexa-enabled product. Simply utter the Alexa wake word, and recite your request.” Amazon once again making smart decisions by producing smart glasses with a product they already know so well, Alexa.

Users who already use Alexa throughout their daily life will now be more intrigued to try out the Echo Frame glasses especially if there have been great results from the device.  Then hopefully, in due time the Echo Frame glasses will be the newest trend in town and people from all over will be constantly using the assistance of Alexa, in and out of the home.

Currently, there is only one style to the Echo Frame glasses. Not giving consumers options is a risky move on Amazon’s part but the hope is that in time, Amazon will provide people with different style glasses.

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