The Slow Lane

Throughout the world, cities have built their infrastructures based on the movement and lifestyles of people in the community. With this being the case, bike lanes, sidewalks and roads were built to give people the proper areas to maneuver around. Understandably, the infrastructure built has been the leading reason for city traffic and the flow of the area.

Just recently, the city of Machester has taken on a new approach to sidewalks or one could say ‘slow lanes.’ These lanes were placed in a popular area of the city where many go shopping and stroll around. It was found that there was a build-up of congestion in the area, while many people were continuously bumping into one another.

This issue is caused by people being so immersed into their cellular devices that walking in a straight line or looking up to see where they are going, is a thing of the past. Instead, many just constantly run into one another because they believe that whatever is being previewed on their screen is more important.

The city of Manchester is first testing out these slow lanes, before deciding to build more of them. Hopefully, this idea will make people realize that the overall cause of the situation is ridiculous and that it is best that people look up and stay alert.

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