The Skeleton Flower

Diphylleia Grayi may not be the most beautiful of flowers out there or ones you want to pay big bucks for at the florist, but they sure are unique and are worth talking about.

For the most part, people would never even notice it’s rounded white petals upon first glance, mainly since they aren’t aware of its rare feature: becoming translucent when in water. This rare flower is found only in the cold areas of Japan, and are best known as skeleton flowers. 

These flowers bloom starting in the middle of spring to the start of summer. While the white flower petals are opaque in general, as the rain falls over the petals, they become as clear as crystals.  The name skeleton flowers comes from the fact that they are somewhat ghostly, and the veins within the petals almost look like small bones.

As the rain comes to an end, and the petals dry, the flower goes back to its opaque white look.  It is believed that this impressive characteristic is due to the loose cell structure found in the petals of the flower, rather than pigmentation which would be assumed by most.

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