The Silent People Installation

A rather strange and unique art installation in the countryside of Finland off a highway has gone viral after someone somehow stumbled upon it while looking through Google Maps.   Perhaps due to the lockdown and the fact that people are now stuck at home with tons of free time on their hands and a desire to travel more than ever, it’s causing people to search Google Maps deeper than they would in regular times.  Either way, The Silent People of Finland was discovered and has left us all seriously confused as to why someone would decide to place countless scarecrows dressed as people in an empty field. If you’ve got any conspiracy theories, we would love to hear your thoughts.

From far, the strange art installation looks like an army of people standing perfectly still. It also looks from afar as though they are all facing the same direction.  But once you take a closer look at The SIlent People, you’ll quickly notice that it’s really just a bunch of thin wooden frames wearing real human clothing. The heads are made of pear, and somehow really looks like human hair.  And even if you know that it’s really just artwork, it’s still pretty much impossible to not feel completely creeped out and have chills run through your body, especially since no one really knows anything about it. 

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Before someone found it on Google Maps, the installation was even more unknown, and only once it was discovered by this person did it start to get more online attention.  What we do know about The Silent People is that it was first put there in 1988, and that it’s moved around over the years, and that it finally settled down in this empty Finnish field in 1994. A youth workshop of the area is in charge of maintaining the ‘people’ which includes changing their outfits twice a year with donated clothing (as if it wasn’t creepy enough). 

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