The Signature Machine

For most us, signing papers is not the biggest deal. Here and there we have long agreements to sign on each page, but overall, we don’t sweat it too much.

But if you’re a famous author or a celebrity who needs to constantly sign autographs, or a busy and successful business man who hasn’t got enough time to sign all the documents in front of him, then signing is definitely something you could use help with.

You can now spend $365,000 on a professional signing machine to do it for you. They’ve been recently invented by Swiss watchmarket Jaquet Droz.  By using the company’s mechanical clockwork technology, it replicates your signature instead of telling time.

It uses a retractable metal arm that comes with pen slot. The machine has an entire 585 parts that guide the pen to create a perfect copy of your signature.  In order for the system to work properly, the user needs to give the company their signature.

What happens though if you by accident loose your very small signing machine? Someone could technically use it and sign away your entire life.  But no need to worry. According to the designer, Droz, it needs to be activated by a code chosen by the owner.

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