The Shoe Deposit

It’s becoming increasingly popular to steal beer glasses from pubs and bars, especially so in Belgium, where the beer is world famous, and the glasses are even more unique. In fact, so much so, that the owners of these establishments have started all kinds of unheard of measures to protect themselves. 

One bar actually requires guests to give over at least one of their shoes as a form of a deposit. Bars have been losing too many glasses annually, and it all adds up.

Many of these glasses are also elaborate works of art that can cost the establishment as much as 50 euros. Losing thousands of these per year leads to a real financial loss for the bar, and they simply can’t afford to keep up with this. 

Other than having patrons leave a shoe as deposit, only being returned upon presenting their beer cup, other bars and pubs have invested thousands in alarm systems for each individual beer glass, with the goal of discouraging patrons from taking them home with them, regardless of how great a souvenir they may make.

Unfortunately, in many cases, such extreme measures need to be taken such as the alarm, as many people don’t seem to mind leaving the bar barefoot for the good of having a cool cup in their hand. 

Despite the fact that these Belgian beer glasses are really special, it doesn’t make stealing right, and these people could just buy them at a local souvenir shop. We’re also wondering how they manage to sneak away with these cups time after time… 

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