The Seven Wonders Of The World

The Seven Wonders of the World are known as the greatest of landmarks. Ever since the Ancient days, these seven unbelievable places have been one of the world’s largest tourist attractions. While people from all across the globe fly in to see these seven wonders, they come and go leaving with more knowledge and fun facts than before. As these Seven Wonders of the World continue to be known and protected as world heritage sites, people will continue to visit these ancient yet spectacular premises with the hope of learning more. 


Beauty Within India




The Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Taking around 20 years to build, this masterpiece is known as the “Crown of palaces. One of the beauties of this structure is that it was built mainly out of white marble.



The Fallen




The Great Wall of China is known to be the longest structure ever built by human beings. As it took blood, sweat, and tears to build over the course of hundreds of years it also took the lives of many. Reportingly, the wall was considered to be “the longest cemetery on Earth,” according to


The Greatest Of Wall




Interestingly enough, The Great Wall of China is over 5,000 miles long and would take months on end to walk the entire structure. A challange that many would have to highly consider undertaking before ever attempting it. Whoever has done such a thing, we must say that’s pretty incredible for even attempting it.



The Lost City





Machu Picchu is the Lost City of the Incas in Cusco, Peru. A place where royalty used to live and thrive. This old city was first discovered not too long ago in the 1900s. As it is continued to be explored, more information and findings are released.




Getty Images/Getty Images News/Jim Dyson


Machu Picchu is one of the most well-visited sites in Peru. The only way one can get to the ruins is either by train or trek that would take around four days to endure. Any tourist that gets their eyes on this prize is bound to be blown away.



The Temple




Chichen Itza was a large city that was built by the Mayan people. The city is broken up into large clusters with some being more popular tourist destinations than others. These large structures of pyramids and temples are the everlasting history that will continue to be protected as a world heritage site.


Stadium Seating


Getty Images/Getty Images News/Laszlo Szirtesi


This unbelievable structure that lies in Rome, Italy is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. With that being the case, this site brings in tourists among tourists, throughout the year. Known as one of the largest amphitheaters ever built, the Colosseum can sit around 50,000 people.





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Since the Colosseum was built a very long time ago, it is always in need of renovations and touch-ups. Due to its large tourist presence and history that lies within it, it is kept pristine condition.


Large And In Charge



Christ the Redeemer statue stands as the largest art deco statue in the entire world. It stands high at the top of the Corcovado mountain in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Weighing hundreds of tons, this monument is made straight out of concrete.



Holy Statue




This image is an up-close and more in detail look at Christ The Redeemer Statue. Fun fact, this statue has actually suffered multiple damages and vandalism, causing it to be reconstructed and touched up multiple times. Once a lightning strike is the cause of beautification needs.


Rocky & Red




Petra is an ancient city that is located between the Dead Sea and the Red Sea. In specifics, this site in Jordan is one of that is surrounded by a multitude of mountains and valley ways. It is said that is site is very rocky and has uneven surfaces.



Surrounding Sites


Getty Images/FIFA/Boris Streubel-FIFA


Featured in the image above is all of the Royal tombs at the world heritage site, Petra. As seen here, there are hundreds of carved tombs, monuments, and structures that are beyond sacred. Preserving history, Petra will continue to be protected as a world heritage site.