The Robin Hood Banker
He took nearly $1.15 million for the savings accounts of rich people over the course of several years in order to help poor people qualify for loans from the bank.
It all began back in 2009, during the peak of the financial crisis, when the criteria for credit approval assessments changed was approved.  Things changed, and it was no longer about the assessment of the customer, but about the reliability of the client.
Gilberto felt sorry for those who came and did not qualify for the new criteria, and instead of turning them away like most bankers would have done, he took some money out of the account of the accounts of the wealthy.  He quickly became a modern- day Robin Hood in the world of banking.
His generosity became well known in the area, and many locals started to turn to him for aid in order to qualify for loans. He asked them to pay it back as quickly as possible so that he could cover himself.  They all agreed, but not all of them managed to pay back their debts.
Seven years later, his exploits were discovered and he was sentenced to two years in prison.  This hero didn’t take any of the money for himself, which made a big difference in his criminal offence.
As part of a plea deal, he received a suspended sentence, however he still lost his house and his job.  After everything that happened, he reveals that he wouldn’t do it again and that he had trusted those that he was helping.


He believed that they would pay him back, and that it was his task to help those in need.
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