The Rise of KAWS

The Brooklyn Museum is hosting an exhibition of Kaws’ artworks this year. For 25 years, Brooklyn-based artist KAWS (Brian Donnelly, born 1974) has brought the world pop-culture art. Through his art, he makes commentary on consumer culture. Kaws began his journey as a graffiti artist on the streets of New York and his cartoon-like art stems from this background.

Getty Images/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Tristan Fewings

His cartoonish figurine pieces can be found in logos, on designer brand labels that have incorporated his art into their clothing, and as large statues around the city. The combination of his art in different appearances shows how he blurs the line between fine and commercial art. His success has been outstanding and his pieces continue to gain popularity and recognition.

In 2015, the KAWS album sold at auction for a record $14.8 million, this was an impressive difference compared to his previous record of $2.7 million only a year before. The piece was a take on The Beatles’ 1967 cover but instead replaced with characters from The Simpsons with Kaws’ trademark X’s drawn across the eyes and skull. Kaws is able to transfer emotions through his famous figurines in an ingenious way.

Getty Images/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Jason Mendez

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