The Red Lady

While many women like to wear the color red, they surely don’t like it as much as 67 year old Bosnian woman Zorica Rebernik. From the young age of eighteen years old, for the past four decades, Zorica has been not only wearing nothing but red, but she’s also completely surrounded herself in everything red too. 

She got married in a red wedding dress, and is even reported to have attended several funerals wearing red. Even in the most traditional of times, she sticks to red.  Her house is bright red, and is of course – filled with red furniture, dishes, bed sheets and covers. Believe it or not, she’s also died her hair red too.

The only thing in her home that isn’t completely red is a heater, which is white. She only agreed after her husband begged her. 

Today, she’s somewhat become famous for her love of the color red. In her town, she is well known for her unique obsession, and is often given red gifts from her neighbors. She would reject any gift that wasn’t of the color red, and her friends know to not even try. 

Zorica has explained that it all began back at the age of eighteen when she felt the sudden urge to wear red. It was this feeling inside her body that she listened to.

While the whole thing may sound strange, she’s not alone. There are plenty of other unique characters out there such as Miss Sunshine and the Green Lady of Brooklyn who take their colors of choice with great pride. 

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