The Recycled Restaurant
In São Paulo , Brazil’s capital of business and industry,  it comes of no surprise that they create a major part of the country’s waste.
Due to the lack of recycling policies in the city, most of the trash ends up either in the river or on the side of the road.  The government has not introduced any projects that have proven to be effective, forcing environmentally conscious locals to take matters into their own hands.
That’s where  O Velhão comes in, a project in a northern town of the city.  This restaurant has become one of the most interesting tourist attractions yet, serving as a highly inspiring example that waste materials could (and should) be reused.
This large complex contains a restaurant, an antiques shop, a bar, as well as a metal working ship and carpentry workshop.  When Seu Moacyr moved to São Paulo, he was shocked by the amount of scrap materials he found on the street. He started to collect items that he felt has some form of artistic value in his eyes.

His collection grew with time, and together with his wife they purchased a plot of land. His vision was to build a workshop that was entirely self-sufficient that would be built with discarded materials, including all the furniture in the complex, as well as all the art and decor.

Iracema then went to built a kitchen, also entirely from recycled material in order to feed the employees. It began to attract customers from outside of the village, and she then decided to open it up as a restaurant to the public.
Today, they serve unique and homemade Brazilian delicacies in eight different dining rooms, each of which has a different character.

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