The Real Life Benjamin Button

Xiao Cui, looks as though he is 80 years old, at the very least.  However, in fact he is actually only 18 years old and still attends high school.
Cui unfortunately suffers from a highly rare health problem that causes his facial muscles, as well as his skin to droop, making him look a whole lot older than he actually is.
He attends one of the top high-schools in China, but you would never be able to know by merely looking at him. Rather than looking like a young man who is just starting out his life, he looks like a pensioner.
According to reports, he first noticed these bizarre symptoms during middle school, and ever since then his face only continues to be become more and more saggy.
Doctors do not yet quite understand this condition, and therefore are not are able to find a solution to prevent it’s effect. Ciu is left with no choice but to try to stay as positive as possible and accept his situation for what it is.
Thankfully, other than his appearance, his rare condition does not seem to have an affect on his health. He is even refereed to as superman in school by his classmates for his impressive abilities in many fields.
Sometimes, he does get made fun of, but he tries to ignore it.

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