The Real Dr. Doolittle

The only thing stopping Ruthy Bradshaw from legally changing her name to Ruthy Doolittle is the fact that she’s married and wouldn’t want to offend her loving husband.

The 42 year old left her career as a marketing director in order to pursue her passion, which is working with animals. She provides therapy for anxious pets, as well as counselling for their owners. Her methods however, are highly unconventional.

Ruthy considers herself to be a real-life Dr. Doolittle, and believes that she can really communicate with animals by interpreting their signals and hears their voice talk to her in her head.

She reveals that she can’t explain how it happens exactly, but she makes up a voice in her head and really hears them talking back to her.  As crazy as it may sound, her findings have been proven to be correct.  While communicating with a troubled horse, she saw the color red as well as a broom, and concluded that he was beaten with a broom by someone wearing a red shirt.  It was then confirmed by the owner that all of his staff wear red shirts.

Ruthy is also somehow able to communicate with animals that have already passed away, which has also been proven in her findings.

She is convinced that she was born with this special talent, however she noticed it for the first time 10 years ago while working in Madagascar, when she heard a voice telling her to get out.  She looked up and saw a Lemur that then pooped on her head.

Ruthy once kept her gift as a secret, but now she’s turned it into a successful business, charging rather hefty sums for her animal communicating services.  She’s also teaching people how to communicate with their pets themselves too. Yep, she truly believes that we’ve all got some Dr. Doolittle within us, we just need to know how to use it.

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