The Radioactive Sushi

While it’s surely always exciting to purchase a fresh box of sushi, especially when you’re hungry and have been thinking about it all day, one Thai family somehow had an even more exciting surprise after taking a box home to enjoy together. After opening up the box of sushi once they arrived home, they discovered that it was bright blue and was glowing. Perhaps this could seem like a cool and unique dining experience, but unfortunately they had learned that it was due to fluorescent bacteria that had infected their sushi. 

The family, a 58 year old mother named Arun Yolpaiboon together with her 21 year old son Natthanai Kanchanawasa, would eat sushi on a regular basis – and also even generally purchase it from the same place. This was the first time that they witnessed such a thing, and they even tried to boil their sushi in order to remove the unnatural fluorescent glow but were unsuccessful. After understanding that their sushi wouldn’t be used for the purpose of eating anymore, they decided to do what everyone else would surely do when falling upon a rare find. 

And that would be nothing other than filming the glowing sushi and sharing it with the world online. But somehow, rather than just sharing it for the rest of the world to enjoy, Arun, the woman’s son, decided to take things a step further and go even more viral by eating a piece of sushi, despite it’s highly radioactive appearance.  Thankfully, he didn’t experience any kind of strange symptoms, and that’s possibly because they did at least boil the sushi prior.  The footage they shot of course went completely viral all over social media platforms, especially in Thailand, and every user also of course had their own unique theory as to how this came out. The most popular conclusion however was that it was a case of fluorescent bacteria contamination.

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