The Queen’s Private Pet Cemetery

The history of the Royal family has got no shortage of drama. What has yet to be discussed, however, is the Queen’s private cemetery. She keeps it for her most beloved subjects. That would be, her dogs.  Her private cemetery is located in a secluded corner of her palace at Sandringham, Norfolk. It contains the remains of almost thirty dogs.   

There’s lots of rather surprising findings here. For one, that she had so many dogs in her lifetime that she needed an actual graveyard to hold them. And let us not forget about all of the extra land she’s got to secretly burry her pets.

Her private cemetery was founded originally by Queen Victoria in 1887, when she needed a place to burry her collie, Noble. After Susan, the Queen’s first corgi past away in 1959, the queen also buried her there.

Apparently the Queen enjoys talking walks in the cemetery and sitting there, gazing at the graves.  She’s recently stopped breeding corgis, not wanting to leave any behind for when she gets her own plaque.  Right now, she’s only got two corgis left.

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