The Puzzle Straight From Hell

If you’re the type of person that never feels challenged enough and wants to put your logical reasoning, ego, and puzzle skills to the ultimate test, then Pure Hell is the puzzle for you.

It’s a puzzle that is made with extremely tiny pieces that are all exact same color, white.  This sadistic puzzle was made by the twisted minds at Beverly Japan.

The unique puzzle and probably the world’s most challenging comes in either 1,000 or 2,000 pieces, and offers a guaranteed miserable experience while attempting to put together the pieces.

It is very easy to think that all of the puzzle pieces are the same while looking at the image on the box. But you would be so incredibly wrong. It’s all an evil, evil illusion.

The pieces of the puzzle are based on a total of seven different shapes that all have very subtle differences. If there’s any slight tightness or misalignment, then you’re wrong and better keep working.  The puzzle isn’t called Pure Hell for nothing.

This puzzle has been available for purchase on Amazon for the past three years or so, and is priced between $20 and $34. Those bold enough to purchase it have some rather interesting feedback, with people referring to it as the Devil reincarnated, and people asking to send help if they don’t hear back from them in the next few months.

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