The Purpose of White Noise

When most people think of white noise, they think of ambient sounds, such as wind rustling the leaves of a tree or the sound of waves crashing onto the shore – but those are examples of pink noise. White noise consists of all sounds that humans can hear (within the frequency range of 20 hertz to 20,000 hertz) played in an unsystematic arrangement at the same amplitude. Many people may still don’t know what the purpose of white noise is.

White noise is mainly used as a calming blanket of sound that may assist people in going to sleep. However, there are many different uses for white noise that help people in their day-to-day lives. Parents will find it useful to help calm down fussy babies, while some people would use it for meditation purposes.

Getty Images / Tetra Images

As mentioned – white noise is also used as a sleep aid that allows people that suffer from insomnia or various sleep-related ailments to sleep through the night. At night when you are alone in your bed and surrounded by silence, it might be easy to fall asleep, but have you ever been woken up with a startled because of a door being slammed shut? When one plays white noise while sleeping it blocks out any sounds that may wake you, it acts as a protective barrier that blocks out many other noises that may be a disturbance to you. While white noise plays any other noise just adds to the sound becoming background noise, making it the perfect tool for people who are easily distracted by outside influences, such as people with ADHD. For that reason, students that need to concentrate while studying will also find it very helpful as well as people who work in an office environment.

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