The Purple Island

There are without a doubt no shortage of unique and exciting sights to see in South Korea, and we highly recommend paying this country a visit, whenever it’s possible again, of course. And if you’re a big fan of either the color purple or of improving your Instagram game, then you should definitely add the Purple Island to your bucket list.  And due to the fact that most of us can’t travel like we used to right now, it should really just give us even more motivation to plan our next exciting trip abroad, especially since we’ve got the time to plan now too. 

So as its name suggests, the Purple Island is completely purple and is filled with all kinds of purple flowers, trees, purple houses, purple roads and even purple bridges. It’s a purple paradise with everything purple. And while it’s not quite known how this area became Purple Island, this past summer, it was officially announced that the area of Parkji Island and Banwol Island would be a tourist attraction with plans to make everything purple even further.  And if you’re a lover of the color purple, then be sure to spend more than just a day to soak it all in, and enjoy the purple beauty this unique island has to offer. 

Also, as you’d surely expect from the Purple Island, the hotel rooms, starting at $41 per night are also completely purple, as well as the restrooms and bathrooms. Some of the cars here are also even purple too.  Basically, if you plan on actually paying this island a visit, get ready to see purple wherever you turn, and probably in your sleep too. The island is still a work in progress, but after going viral on social media throughout Asia, it’s gained more attention in recent weeks, especially on Instagram, and we’re confident that once international travel eases up – we’ll be hearing a lot more of this island. 

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