The Productivity Fragrance

An international workspace company has decided to team up with Marie Stella Maris, a Dutch lifestyle brand in order to create a fragrance that is reported to actually make people feel more comfortable and relaxed in the workplace, and in turn, boost productivity.

There are many factors that can influence productivity, and although little known, one of them is smell. According to research, negative emotions such as stress and irritation can be beat by fragrances that encourage positive feelings such as productivity, relaxation and happiness.

These findings inspired the company, Spaces to make their own fragrance that would boost productivity.  Since they didn’t have any knowledge of how to create fragrances, they teamed up with the lifestyle brand that sells high class care products.

The special smell they created together includes a combination of citruses, as well as cinnamon bark, musk and sandal wood. Since it is very fresh, it is supposed to help energize workers, and it’s warmth has the goal of making people feel more at home while at work.

Who knew that a fragrance could have such an effect?

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