The Private Pet Jet

Many pet owners, unfortunately, had to leave their furry friends behind due to the current complications in the world right now. And for that very reason, Deepika Singh, an ingenious Indian entrepreneur, and cybersecurity researcher decided to come up with a luxurious way to reunite them back together. How so? Well, of course, with none other than an all-pet charter plane.  Singh came up with the idea while arranging a private jet to have some of her relatives flown in from Delhi after some wanted to travel with their parents, while others refused to have any animals on board.  

In order to please everyone, Singh had no choice but to look for a second plane for those with pets, which is when she realized this issue is surely something that others are experiencing right now as well. That’s when she created a plan to both profit from, as well as provide abandoned pets with the ability to reunite with their lawful owners without having to go through the uncomfortable experience of traveling in crammed cargo shipments.  She started out by reaching out to Accretion Aviation, a private jet company, and managed to get a six-seater all-pet private jet to be flown from Mumbai to Delhi. The cost, however, was, unsurprisingly not exactly a bargain, at $12,000 total. If there are six pet passengers, each ticket still costs a hefty $2,100. 

And if there’s any less? Well the $12,000 will simply be divided accordingly. So you better start asking your friends to take part too if you’re set on getting your pet on this flight without paying an arm and a leg. Those that have already purchased a ticket for their pet have expressed that when it comes to their pets, the cost isn’t something they even consider. Their pets are their children, and they miss them greatly.  The animals are expected to travel in cages, but since it’s a long flight, Singh arranged from some extra help on the jet to make sure that the pets have nothing short of a first-class experience. 

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