The Pimple Popping Toy

Many people enjoy watching YouTube videos of massive and gruesome pimples being popped, and it makes them wish that they could squeeze all that gushy puss out themselves. Some people of course will do it themselves on their own faces, and sometimes even that of their partners, while others do find the strength to refrain.  In both cases, it can be a serious struggle for some that crave that sense of release and relaxation they get from popping pimples.

These people will be thrilled to hear about the newly released Pop It Pal. It’s a toy that provides the same feeling as popping large pimples on your face.  The fidget spinner was last year, and now in 2018, the Pop It Pal is the best hottest thing to have come out on the market.

It’s a squishy piece that is intended to look like flesh and is full of completely gross looking gunk that lets users pop things that appear to be pimples, as much as their heart desires without damaging their face.

The Pop It Pal contains 15 pimples that can be squeezed and reportedly provides that same satisfying feeling when seeing puss drool out of the fake flesh. The kit comes with a fake puss bottle that allows you to keep on refilling the flesh.

This unique toy is the work of Billy and Summer Pierce, a couple of funky pickers who are absolutely obsessed with watching pimple popping YouTube videos.

Billy has revealed that when making the toy he did have the hopes that it would help his wife stop picking every small pimple on his face. And thankfully, it worked!

Demand is off the charts ever since it was released. According to their website, due to such high demand it can take up to six week to ship within the U.S and a total of 9 weeks for international shipping. The kit sells for $19.99 and the refill bottle which is completely organic costs another $5.99. Get popping!