The Phone That Charges With Your Fingers

With so many devices easily available in our modern society, it requires a lot of charging to be done.  Even with wireless charging pads, they are still plugged into a power outlet.

In most cases, the process of charging has not evolved very much in the past decade.  Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Science and the University of Buffalo may very well have created the latest development for charging that would not require any sockets.  All it would take is some slight body movement and a metallic tab.

The secret behind this charging method is known as triboelectric charging which happens when a material becomes charged once it comes into contact with another material.

That’s how most static electricity occurs, just like how sometimes you get a little jolt when you touch someone by accident.  This specific type of electrification is no simple task to turn into a power source, despite many researchers who have attempted.  Materials are often very expensive and difficult to produce.

The metallic tab that has been developed for phone charging has overcome any challenges that have come it’s way.  The tab has two thin layers of gold that border around a piece of silicon based polymer.  This is commonly used in products such as Silly Putty and contact lenses.

One of the layers of gold is stretched and then once released it is crumpled. When putting force again, the layers of gold rub against each other and then friction is created by the polymer, causing electrons to flow back and forth between the gold layers.

With more friction, more power will be produced. The friction can be caused by a slight finger movement, according to researchers.

The technology is not fully developed yet, but researchers do have hopes that their product will be charging smartphones very soon.  The human body is an incredibly source of energy and no one likes carrying around a portable charger, making their solution the ideal answer.