The Perfect Frittata

Breakfast has to be the most important meal of the day but with work routines packed down to the second many individuals find it more convenient to resort to instant food fixes. However, breakfast making still remains a therapeutic activity and something to bond over during downtime. Are you bored of taking the same bland regular slice and egg for breakfast daily? Switch it up on the weekends with the wholesome and nutritious Italian Frittata.

Getty images/Westend61/Westend61

The Frittata is a healthier and more filling replacement to the regular egg serving. Shaped like a thin crust pizza, it has an egg base topped with vegetables as per taste. Not only is it rich in protein like any regular egg serving, but it is also rich in fiber and nutrients that come with the inclusion of veggies. Vegetables used in Frittata can range from chopped tomatoes and broccoli to spinach, onions, and peas. Tuna can also be an excellent addition to the dish for added protein. All these toppings can lastly be sprinkled with some mouthwatering Parmesan cheese to add to the versatility of nutrition in the Frittata before it is placed in the skillet and left for baking.

While choosing the toppings of the Frittata, to ensure a delicious puffed up cheesy serving, the right balance of eggs and vegetables must be achieved. For each egg added, around one fourth cup of chopped vegetables and added tuna or chicken can be used. Moreover, the serving style of the basic Frittata can also be experimented with by adding the uncooked egg and vegetable mixture to muffin tins for smaller one size servings. Topped with Salsa sauce, these muffin shaped Frittatas can be cute additions to a table set up for a getaway breakfast with your loved ones, especially if there are children involved!

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