The Peach Only Eating Child

It happens here and there when you love a certain food so much that you think to yourself that you could probably eat only that food for the rest of your life and live happily ever after. But really, could you really?

Well for two year old Michal Gabriel Masson Lopez from Montreal Canada, he doesn’t have much of a choice.  He can eat only peaches due to a serious condition he suffers from known as  food-protein induced enterocolitis syndrome (FPIES).

This condition causes severe allergic reactions to basically any food other than peaches. Micah has barely had a day in his life that he didn’t suffer from pain. He further suffers from other conditions called DiGeorge syndrome and a rare genetic condition known as 15Q13.3 micro-duplication.

He visits nine different kinds of doctors on a monthly basis, and the medical costs come at no light price. Together with all of the many medical costs is also the cost of making sure that he always has a fresh supply of peaches. Especially in Quebec where they are not always in season.  This has led his parents to become so desperate that they have started a crowdfunding campaign to aim to raise money to cover all of the many costs involved.

Micah was diagnosed with these rare conditions at the very young age of only six months old and in turn, his life has been a non-stop battle. The only safe option he has is peaches, however they cannot be canned peaches, nor dried or frozen, due to additives that could potentially be present. The peaches he can consume need to be organic in order to ensure that they do not contain pesticides, which is even more costly.

Micah’s mother, Caroline explains that they are simply running out of funds to maintain this kind of lifestyle, especially so with two other children to take care of.  And costs aside, they of course want their son to experience the least amount of pain possible and live a happily life.

His parents once tried giving him a banana, which he soon after threw up six times consistently and then passed out. Even when they called the police, they had no idea even what his condition was.

His parents describe him to be an incredible, loving little boy full of personality and that he does not deserve this challenging life.

Unfortunately, there is no cure at the moment for his condition, but thankfully it seems as though other children with this do tend to outgrow it after about four years.  But the difference with Micah is that most children are allergic to 2 to 3 foods, while he is allergic to 27 different foods, and has several other gastrointestinal problems as well.

Micah’s parents are not going to give up though and continue to hunt for safe foods for their son and hope for more donations to support their son.