The Outlandish Cafes of Tokyo

Tokyo is renowned as the capital of colorful neon, high-tech innovation, efficient and resourceful infrastructure, and of course, how could one forget, bizarre entertainment. It seems as though Japan has a certain connection to the extraordinary which shines through in its wide array of themed cafes. These are Tokyo’s most unusual and imaginative coffee houses.


Pepper PARLOR Cafe


Robot Cafe robots serving customers

Tomohiro Ohsumi/ Getty Image News


It is no secret that Japan is at the forefront of state-of-the-art robotic technology. Operated by the Softbank Robotics Corp.,  Pepper PARLOR boasts a uniquely mechanical experience. Orders are taken by robots, which utilize facial-recognition technology and machine learning to offer recommendations specifically tailored to those human customers placing their orders. The robots are also responsible for the customers’ entertainment: They sing, dance, play games, and make small talk with the customers.


Kawaii Monster Cafe


Monster Cafe Tokyo Colorful

Gettyimages/ Barcroft Media/ Barcroft Media


Located in the candy-colored, hyper-cute Harajuku, the Kawaii Monster Cafe is as freakishly brilliant as its name suggests. The visuals are intense. Models of mythical creatures hang from the walls. Visitors are bombarded by a seemingly neverending stream of glowing colors mother nature could never dream of. The food, ranging from chocolate chicken and up to rainbow spaghetti, is unnaturally good. The Kawaii Monster Cafe is truly a man-made madhouse.


The Cat Cafe


Black cat lying down in Cat cafe


It really doesn’t get any cuter, nor furrier, than this. The thing is, there isn’t just one cat cafe, but many of them. These cafes, filled to the brim with adorable and sociable felines, are actually quite popular. It makes sense, given that Tokyo is one of the fastest and busiest cities in the world, the idea of a place where you could just hang out with a bunch of cats and unwind seems appropriate. Tokyo is the birthplace and motherland of the cat cafe, which makes it a must-see for all cat and coffee enthusiasts.


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