The Outlandish Cafes of Tokyo

Tokyo is renowned as the capital of colorful neon, high-tech innovation, efficient and resourceful infrastructure, and of course, how could one forget, bizarre entertainment. It seems as though Japan has a certain connection to the extraordinary which shines through in its wide array of themed cafes. These are Tokyo’s most unusual and imaginative coffee houses.

Pepper PARLOR Cafe

Tomohiro Ohsumi/ Getty Image News

It is no secret that Japan is at the forefront of state-of-the-art robotic technology. Operated by the Softbank Robotics Corp.,  Pepper PARLOR boasts a uniquely mechanical experience. Orders are taken by robots, which utilize facial-recognition technology and machine learning to offer recommendations specifically tailored to those human customers placing their orders. The robots are also responsible for the customers’ entertainment: They sing, dance, play games, and make small talk with the customers.

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