The Origin Of Candy Corn

Fall time calls for all things fall-related. Pumpkins, hay, and candy galore there is literally nothing else anyone would want more. Unless, one is a candy feen, they might request a certain treat. For some, chocolate is their way to go but for others getting into the Halloween spirit is essential, even when eating candy. Of course, there are many candies that are centered around Halloween and fall but just like anything else, there always are favorites. In the case of Halloween, candy corn is usually correlated with it.

After being reminded of the fun times and treats we are ever so blessed with during this time of the year. Has one ever wondered where candy corn originated from? Well, luckily enough we have answers adnt they are quite interesting.

In fact, candy corn was invented way back when. During a time where farmers made up a large percentage of the states. In order to advertise their farms, they would give children in the rural farm town candy that was all things related to agriculture.

The inventor of the candy corn was an employee of the  Wunderle Candy Company in Philadelphia. Supposedly, the company was the first to sell candy corn, made out of sugar and corn syrup. Later on, candy corn was popularized by Goelitz Candy Company, being sold as “Chicken Feed.” According to, “most Americans didn’t think of corn as people food,” at the time being. Now, both corn and candy corn are two well-known foods, in different food groups.

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