The Old Love Algorithm

So you haven’t been having the best of luck when it comes to online dating? Maybe you need to turn to some old methods.

Hinge is a dating app that apparently is for people looking for real connections.  They’ve come up with a new feature that will tell you who your most compatible match is that you will most likely hit it off with.

They are using an old algorithm, in fact a modified version of the Nobel Prize winning Gale Shapley SMP algorithm, which stands for stable marriage problem. This is what mathematicians solved when they created their algorithm in 1962.

In the SMP, there is an equal number of men and women, and each of them have ranked the members of the opposite sex in order of preference.  They theorized that there was a way to place all of these people in stable marriages.

To determine how a user would likely rank all of the people in the dating pool, the algorithm would look at their history over the past 24 hours, and would examine which aspects people showed the most interest in.  Then, each day, Hinge presents the user with their most compatible match.

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