The Number Eleven

Located in the north-west of Switzerland is the breathtaking town of Solothurn.  Not only is the town known for it’s incredible beauty, but also for it’s obsession with the number eleven.

It appears as though everything in the Swiss town of Solothurn was specially created around the number eleven. The town has no more, and no less than eleven churches. It also has eleven museums, eleven towers, and eleven fountains.  Solothurn even has a clock with the number twelve missing, in order for the dial to be eleven hours.

Everyone in the town is well aware of the obsession, however how it came about surprisingly remains unknown. There are certain theories that believe that it has to do with magical elves, while others believe that it is has a biblical background.  All we truly know however, is that the love of the number eleven is no new concept for the town of Solothurn.

The first known mention of the number dates all the way back to 1252, when eleven council members were elected. From then on, the trend never seemed to stop, with literally everything in town being eleven.

Today, the obsession continues throughout the town, with celebrations on the eleventh day of every month, or even on every eleventh day or multiple of the number. The number has become the main tourist attraction of Solothurn.

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