The Noise Cancelling Focus Cap

Although noise-cancelling devices are nothing new, visual noise blockers sure are.   Hannes Gerblin, a Berlin designer believes that visual noise is just as important as blocking out distracting sounds, which is why he made the Focus Cap.

Despite the social aspect benefit, most work spaces have an overload of visual distractions, with so much going on and tons of people. This can make it a challenge to focus and get the work done. The Focus Cap, with a folding visor enables the wearer to shut out distractions in their peripheral vision within seconds. It’s like a human horse blinder.

Greblin explains that he feels as though the only way to return to the natural environment that we once had as caveman is to use certain techniques and tools that will allow us to reach our full potential and create the most creative and meaningful work.

Greblin observed other visual distraction minimizing products and concluded that they were both uncomfortable and overpriced, and here he came up with his simple, comfortable and affordable cap.

The Focus Cap is straightforward and is to be worn just like any another hat. The sides can be collapsed at any time. Whether you’re trying to get work done, study, or simply have some peace and quiet, the Focus Cap will be there for you.

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