The Must Have Sandals For Your Shoes

You mean you really didn’t know that your shoes needed a pair of sandals? Well now you know, and can start to be on board with the latest avant-garde trend of the season.

Sankuanz, a Chinese brand has designed the perfect solution to keeping your sneakers looking brand new for even longer. The solution: sandals.

In the past, sneaker protectors have been sold on the market, but appeared to be more like designer grocery bags. Sankuanz managed to create something that is shoes helping shoes.

The Sankuanz plastic bulky Velcro’s are large enough to fit over your sneakers and protect them from any damage. Other than rain, of course.

At Paris Fashion week, response was not entirely positive, with some people not fully understanding the concept.  It has not yet been announced if Sankuanz will sell these one-of-a-kind sneaker protectors, or if they were designed merely for Fashion Week.  Either way, it made it’s mark with it buzzing in footwear and fashion news.

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