The Music To My Cheese

Apassionate cheese maker from the Emmental region of Switzerland has had some rather unique ideas in the efforts of making his cheese the best tasting out there.

Beat Wamplfer, since September has been experimenting with a variety of music genres, blasting them to his wheels of Emmental cheese, with the hopes of finding that music can influence it’s development, characteristics, and most importantly, it’s flavor and taste.

Wampler believes that temperature and humidity are not the only things that play a role in the forming the taste of cheese, and that music and ultrasounds can seriously impact the flavor of cheese.

Although his idea sounds pretty crazy, he managed to get some scientists to take part in his research. At first they were rather skeptical, however they later on discovered sonochemistry, that studies the impact of sounds on chemical reactions and solid bodies.  This led them to believe that the cheese maker may very well be onto something.

Wampfler has been placing small speakers under the wheels of his Emmental cheese, and has split them up into groups, based on musical genres. Some cheeses are aged to ambient music, some to techno beats, others to classic music, and others to hip-hop.

A jury of professional cheese tasters will be summoned to taste the effects of the music on the cheese in March of 2019.

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