The Mushroom Book That Will Change Your Mind

If you ever thought about writing an original book, be sure not to write it about mushrooms because biologist Merlin Sheldrake has already done just that, and the likelihood of you being able to outdo him is quite low. His book is entitled Entangled LIfe: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds and Shape Our Future. As you could probably have imagined, this is a book about a wide variety of fungi and their incredibles lives. While the title sounds absolutely fascinating, at the end of the day, there’s no denying the fact that this is still a book about mushrooms, no matter how you present it.  And truth be told, this doesn’t tend to be the most interesting thing to read. 

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Nonetheless, Merlin Sheldrake came up with a unique way to promote the reading of his book on mushrooms, bringing in attention from everywhere possible, even to those who aren’t the biggest fans of mushrooms. He did so by leaving his book on mushrooms to be eaten by pleurotus mushrooms, and then took it upon himself to eat those mushrooms, making for an interesting cycle of mushroom life.  Pleurotus mushrooms are known to eat just about anything and don’t discriminate, which is why Merlin knew it wouldn’t pass up his book on mushrooms.  

After leaving these mushrooms on his book for several weeks, Merlin Sheldrake harvested them, cooked them, and then ate them. This also means that in a way, he even ate his very own words. According to Merlin, they were absolutely delicious and didn’t take any kind of notes, leading him to believe that the fungus from the mushrooms fully digested the text. Either way, we’re sure that this unique way of marketing his book worked in his favor, although we surely wouldn’t suggest trying this at home. 

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