The Museum Of Broken Relationships
AMuseum of Broken Relationships may seem rather depressing at first sight, but it really is a journey of intense emotions. Guests often leave uplifted with empathy.
The Los Angeles location on Hollywood Boulevard is in fact the museum’s second, with the first one having opened in Croatia. The founders are artists, Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišić that lived the theme of their museum. They fell in love and then broke up in 2003. In 2010, they opened the Museum of Broken Relationships.
The museum is filled with items that have been donated by anonymous people, with each item telling a different romantic story that ended.  For many, donating these items can allow for a greater sense of closure in the relationship. It’s a way to share both the tears and the laughter together.
The Los Angeles location has approximately 115 unique donation, with some from Croatia and others through direct submission.  Each item is displayed with a card that explains it’s significance.
One of the most fascinating is a glass box that contains breast implants, in which a woman had removed after breaking up with her partner that paid for the process.  There is also a row of perfume bottles that a woman could not bring herself to throw away after the passing of her husband.
Not every item is related to a romantic relationship, with one exhibit focused on documents and letter that a family left behind after being forced to leave their home.
In addition to the collection, the museum also hosts several events, such as workshops, lectures and even prom re-makes.

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