The Movie Spoiler Unspoiler

There’s really nothing worse than having a so called friend spoil a movie you’ve been dying to see, or the episode you haven’t yet seen of your favorite TV show.

Even if someone hasn’t spoiled the plot for you, don’t you sometimes just wish you could see the movie over and over again and still feel the same sense of suspense and excitement? Now you can, thanks to the new UnSpoil Me service.

This service has been developed by Samsung Electronics Nordic together with Frederik Praesto, the legendary Swedish mental coach and hypnotist.

The service is reported to enable users to self-hypnotize and forget plots and twists from whichever show or movie they desire. Each session is 18 minutes long and viewers can take themselves through the hypnosis process by following Praesto’s commands given through the screen.

The session starts out with the Swedish soothing voice of Praesto, who pushes the views to imagine what they are attempting to forget. At the same time, a spiral rainbow colored turns in the screen. Music starts to play and Prasesto tells the views to look into the middle of the screen, and think deeply about your feelings.

The image begins to shift, as he encourages the view to stay calm and count down from the number 300. The strange session ends with a message saying hypnosis complete on the screen.

It suggests that you take some deep breaths and try to focus on the feelings going through your mind and body.  Praesto explains that taking control of unconscious processes through hypnosis can be highly functional in making changes in the conscious mind.

UnSpoil Me uses ancient historical practices of hypnosis to allow for new experiences to be created.  They claim to offer the opportunity to relive your favorite series and experience the same thrill.

So go ahead, and spoil yourself by unspoling yourself.

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