The Most Unorthodox Pieces of Classical Music

To our modern ears, classical music can sometimes seem like somewhat of a snoozefest. The rigid accuracy, the overly-pedantic obsession with tradition, the long pieces; all these make for an experience very much at odds with what a modern audience tends to gravitate to. Yet, the world of classical music is vast and, at times, surreal. These are some of the weirdest pieces of classical music we know about.

György Ligeti: Poème Symphonique

Instruments, as we all know, are an overrated nuisance. That is, we can only imagine, what the Hungarian composer György Ligeti had in mind when he thought up this symphony, which is composed of 100 wind-up metronomes ticking away up until their inevitable halt. We’re not quite sure what to make of this work, but the idea of using an apparatus whose sole purpose is to keep time in order to compose a tempo-less work of music is intriguing.

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