Iconic Super Bowl Moments

Super Bowl Sunday has people counting down the days until they can make their bets, cheer on their team and drink some ice-cold beer with their best buds. Although some believe that the Super Bowl is overly exaggerated, there is no doubt that the game has no shortage of dramatic moments. Whether it is on or off the field these iconic moments have made the Super Bowl exactly what it is, super.


#LeftShark Steals The Show


Getty Images/FilmMagic/Jeff Kravitz


Remember when Katy Perry rode a mechanical lion during the halftime show together with Lenny Kravitz, flying into the stadium on a shooting star? Probably not. While singing her hit song ‘Teenage Dream’ with two backup dancers dressed as friendly sharks, the shark on the left of her didn’t seem to know what he was doing, to say the least. The internet loved it, and #LeftShark became a viral hashtag, stealing Perry’s spotlight.



That Face Though


Getty Images/FilmMagic/Jeff Kravitz


Apparently, even the most beautiful and talented of stars sometimes have their moments. You all, of course, remember the 2013 Super Bowl, mainly due to Queen B’s epic performance, namely that unforgettable face.  To her misfortune, someone managed to get a picture of her at the very wrong (or right) time, and of course, the picture was instantaneously explosive across the internet.


Confusing Combinations




In 2001, the half-time show had a rather confusing team of performers. While all talented, we wouldn’t exactly have expected them to have come together, but well, they did! Aerosmith performed together with Britney Spears and N’Sync. It didn’t flow too well, but it was surely a night to remember.



Jackson’s Dramatic Entrance


Getty Images/WireImage/Steve Granitz


Back in 1993, the legendary King of Pop made one seriously dramatic entrance to the Super Bowl. A stunt double popped out of a massive screen moments before Jackson himself showed up in the center of the field. After standing perfectly still for a full 90 seconds confusing the crowd, he broke into song with some of his greatest hits. It was one of the most iconic and memorable Super Bowl performances ever.


Sun’s Out, Gum’s Out


GettyImages/Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic


Pink was given the huge honor of singing the American national anthem at the Super Bowl. So despite being sick, she of course couldn’t pass up such a major opportunity. Somehow though, not chewing gum during her claim to fame didn’t seem to phase her, and she was caught spitting it out mid performance.



I Kissed A Girl




In 2015, Katy Perry peformed at the Super Bowl half-time show together with Lenny Kravitz (for some reason). One of the most memorable moments of the show was when he all of a sudden started singing her song – I Kissed A Girl, together with Perry, and did a pretty good job of it too. 


The Blackout Bowl


GettyImages/Rob Tringali/SportsChrome


The 2013 Super Bowl ended up turning into the 2013 Blackout Bowl. Before the start of the second half, a power outage came out of nowhere, leaving the crowd seriously confused as to what to do.  The game was put on hold for over half an hour until it was fixed, with some even saying it was because Beyonce’s half-time show was so powerful.



It Was Destiny




Despite Beyonce’s hilarious face in her 2013 Super Bowl performance, it was also just as memorable when she surprised fans with a throwback show with her best girls – Destiny’s Child! It was a completely epic show and the audience went crazy over the former girl group.


Cheer Squad




During Madonna’s 2012 Super Bowl performance, she had Nicki Minaj come up on stage and join her in some super cute cheerleading outfits. It was a little strange, but also seriously funny, and definitely made its way into Super Bowl history. One for the books!



Fearful Fergie




One of the worst Super Bowl performances ever took place in 2011, by the Black Eyed Peas. Both their vocals and choreography were so not on point, and everything about made no sense. No wonder the band broke up shortly after, yikes! Well, at least most Super Bowl performances are memorable in a good way.


Bruce Goes Bananas




Bruce Springsteen, while performing at the 2009 Super Bowl half time show got a little too excited, to say the least. While it’s of course very emotional to be given such an honor, you still have to watch yourself – for both your safety and your reputation. Unfortunately, as he tried to slide across the stage in style, he went for a fall instead.



Really Roaring


GettyImages/Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic


Katy Perry literally roared when she performed her hit song ‘roar’ at the 2015 Super Bowl. Not only did she open up her mouth loud and proud like a lion, but she also showed up on a massive electronic lion as she sang. Epic!