The Most Exotic Places in the World

The world is this great big place that you should definitely explore. There are actually so many places that haven’t even been discovered yet. But worry not, you have your entire life to travel the world. Speaking of traveling the world, you may find it helpful to have a list of places that you should visit. Don’t worry, we know that you have already read up on a few common tourist destinations. However, have you read up on exotic places? Probably not. Here are some of the world’s most exotic places that you should definitely go visit while traveling.

Getty Images/ Moment/ Levente Bodo

Now even though there are a variety of places for you to visit, they aren’t all exotic. You see in order for a place to be considered exotic it has to have something unique, unusual, and interesting. Our first exotic place to visit would have to be Madagascar. When visiting Madagascar you can look forward to seeing one of the world’s most unique ecosystems. But that’s not all. Madagascar is also home to the “Forest Of Knives” which is a collection of vertical limestone rocks. But if that’s not enough of a shocker, you can also head off and explore the Masoala National Park.

Next, you have to stop in Fiji. Fiji is known for being a great vacation destination if you are looking for an exotic holiday. With that, you can explore its waterfalls, natural pools, and mangrove forests. But there is more. You can also enjoy the beautiful and incredible soft coral of the ocean. If Fiji doesn’t do it for you, then you may want to take a trip to Whitsunday Islands, Australia. Here you will be able to go on some serious diving activities. This includes exploring the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef. You see there are a number of great exotic places you can visit on your travels.