The Most Dangerous Ice Cream Known To Man Kind

Although ice cream is not in fact something that can really kill you, unless of course you want to get really technical and discuss the fact that it can cause heart problems and potentially lead to death. But basically, it is sometimes said among friends that ice cream is dangerous, holding the connotation this it’s extremely tempting, however should not be eaten due to it’s high caloric and fat content.

Describing ice cream as something hot however does not seem as fitting.  When it comes down to the Respiro del Diavolo (Devil’s Breath) ice cream, hot and dangerous are an understatement.

This ice cream is made from a variety of hot chilies and has scored an entire 1.5 million units on the Scoville hotness scale. With all things said, it is in fact the most dangerous ice-cream known to man kind.

This burning hot flavor made it’s way to Glascow, Scotland by Martin Bandoni the owner of the Aldwych Café. He says though that the recipe has been a highly secretive recipe among Italian gelatos makers for centuries.

In the past, this ice cream was used to test bravery among annual ice cream gatherings. There was a place called Devil’s Bridge and the families of Italian ice cream parlours would discuss their past year. If men wanted to prove their bravery, they would eat the ice cream. This is where the name of the ice cream came from.

Badoni, however, thought it could be successful commercially as well and therefore brought it back with him and added it to the menu of his ice cream shop.  The response from consumers has been extremely successful with people from across the UK coming to get heated up.

The ice cream is so incredibly hot that Bandoni has customers fill out a form confirming that they are above the age of 18.  He explains that it’s a very strange sensation, with the ice cream itself being cold, but the flavor spicy beyond belief.

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