The Mood Matching Headphones

Honestly, life already has enough challenges as it is. So when it comes to choosing the perfect song to fit your mood – there’s really no reason to struggle even further. Thanks to Neurowear, a Japanese company, you no longer have to endlessly scroll through your playlist switching songs every few seconds to get there and find the song your heart is calling for.  Neurowear has introduced incredibly innovative mind-reading headphones that scan your brain to find the song for you based on your mood. And while it may sound kind of creepy, don’t worry, it’s totally fine.

The mind-reading system consists of two parts. The first is the headphones that come with a sensor for your forehead that analyzes your brain waves in order to read your mood, and the second is an iPhone app that is connected to the headphones in order to choose the perfect song for you at that very moment. And if your mood suddenly changes? Don’t feel like that song anymore? No problem, just shake your phone to reset the data that was already collected on your mood, and it will be sure to scan your brain once again to reassess the situation, giving you a more accurate song. 

These super futuristic headphones by Neurowear even come with LED indicators that are built in to display your mood through the use of icons, such as a zzz sign when you’re feeling tired, and a danger icon when you’re stressed out (don’t approach at all costs).  The mind-reading system is still in the making with only 100 songs in their database right now, and isn’t released for public use just yet. Nonetheless, the company has high hopes that their product will be ready sooner than later, and are also considering establishing a partnership with Spotify. We would love someone to do the dirty work for us, especially since we often don’t even know what we’re looking for in a song until we hear it. 

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