The Modern Day Robin Hood

One of the most dangerous criminals in Rio de Janerio, Thomaz Vieria Gomes, also known as 2N recently did something really nice, however highly illegal.

Together with the help of his gang he kidnapped two nurses and forced them to give poor people the yellow fever vaccination.

Brazil has been faced with an epidemic of yellow fever for months upon months and many have already died from this disease.  Immunization centers struggle to keep up with all of the patients despite plans of the Health Ministry to have millions vaccinated, hoping to prevent the epidemic.  The poor communities are the most disregarded.

Salguerio, the headquarters of 2N’s drug dealing industry is also one of the poorest areas of Rio de Janeiro. Thomaz decided to take it upon himself to make the vaccination process faster by kidnapping a team of medical staff.

The gang leader together with his groupies took two black cars and attacked a local clinic. They kidnapped two nurses who were off duty at the time and took as many vaccines and syringes as they could. They then drove to a local bar in the area where the nurses spent hours injecting poor people with yellow fever vaccines.

The two nurses report that the kidnappers were not overly aggressive and really did commit this criminal act to help the residents that were not able to get the yellow fever shot. After finishing what needed to be done, they drove the nurses back to the clinic safely.

The police department of Rio de Janeiro has not been made aware of the situation, however the Municipal Health Department will be investigating the situation.

The kidnapping for a good cause went viral on social media in Brazil and many have been praising 2N as a modern-day Robin Hood.

Even the former Minister of Environment of Brazil commented on Twitter that his actions were a public service, although he is still an a-hole.

Thomaz Vieria Gomes is one of the most wanted criminals of the area, with a $3000 reward for anyone that can provide information to assist in capturing him.  Perhaps he wanted to make sure that his customers would stay healthy and wanting to purchase from him, but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and be grateful for his heartwarming criminal action.

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