The Missouri Home With A Working Jail

Many young couples are out there looking for their first home, and they certainly have some unique options to choose from. In recent years, some seriously interesting real estate opportunities have been popping up on the market, including haunted houses, tiny homes, and an actual castle – yes, with a moat and everything. Just recently, one Facebook user posted a real estate listing for a two-story house in Fayette City, Missouri that just happens to come with its own fully furnished nine-cell jail.

The user posted the listing on a Facebook group called Labcoat Agents, which is a business and real estate oriented group. The property for sale is a 2,465-square-foot home located at 203 E Morrison, Fayette, Missouri. It comes with a standard 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, kitchen, living room. Judging by the exterior, it seems like a totally normal house for a single family to live in. But that’s about where the normalcy ends. Right behind the kitchen, there is a door that leads to a totally different, secret area of the house – yup, a jail. The listing on House of Brokers Realty states that the house comes with its own fully-functional jail, which includes 9 jail cells, a booking room, and a half bath. The listing goes on to add that the “possibilities are amazing with this property.”

Getty Images/Darrin Klimek/DigitalVision

Some might wonder why on earth there is a jail built into a seemingly normal home in a residential area. Well, apparently, when the house was built back in 1875, it was designed to function as both the local town jail as well as the county sheriff’s home. This unusual arrangement probably came in handy whenever the sheriff received an urgent call in the middle of the night. Years later, this unique addition to an otherwise normal home would definitely make for a great conversation starter. The historic property is currently going for $350,000,

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