The Melodramatic Horse

Jingang, a rather mischievous and melodramatic horse has gained tons of attention from internet fans. Yes, a horse..not a six year old boy.

In order to avoid be ridden by strangers, every time someone comes close to him, he falls to the ground in the most dramatic way possible, actually playing dead until whoever considered riding him leaves. 

We’re not quite sure if he does this to simply amuse riders that come his way, or if he learned this special skill all by himself. Either way, there’s no denying that he’s a professional at what he does, and that no one will be riding him anytime soon.

He buckles his legs and drops straight to the ground whenever someone tries to ride him, and nothing will break his act – not even a carrot or some sugar cubes, which he loves. Jingang is reported to only get up once he is sure everyone is gone. 

That’s one seriously genius horse. 

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