The Meatless Whopper Burger

The iconic chain Burger King shared a video right before April 1st hit of customers enjoying a Whopper burger, and only after finishing did they discover that the burger they devoured actually contained no meat whatsoever – leaving consumers completely shocked.

These beef like patties are the creation of Impossible Foods, and is planned to be the future of Burger King – with high hopes that it will not be limited to a niche crowd.

As a trial process, the meatless burger will initially only be served at fifty nine Burger King’s throughout the St. Louis area, however if all goes well, they plan to expand it to all of it’s United States locations, seven thousand two hundred, to be exact.

Consumers throughout the United States may very soon have the possibility of choosing not only a more healthy burger, but also one that’s much better for the environment.

Based on the video, it tastes just like the classic and beloved Whopper burger, so perhaps people will actually be willing to make the change – improving the world one bite at a time.

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