The McDonalds Chemical That Can Prevent Hair Loss

Everyone knows that McDonald’s has delicious french fries. What is less known however, is that they help your hair grow.

Research has found that there is a certain chemical found in the french fries at McDonald’s that combat hair loss. It was shown to even have the ability to help hair grow and is believed to be one of the most effective hair loss treatments available.

You now have the perfect excuse to go out and get a some McDonald’s fries! This chemical that is used in their fries promotes follicles to regrow hair. The study has so far been done only on mice, but researches believe strongly that it will work for humans as well.

The study was conducted by a Japanese team that used a chemical called ”dimethlypolysiloxane” which is silicone and is used by McDonald’s to prevent the oil from frothing while frying their fries.

Scientists were overjoyed with their discovery and have made a significant contribution to hair loss research.

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